I love making lists and for some reason they are always long and once I have written them I never seem to look at them again. Ever. There I said it and its made me feel slightly better. This list is a little different. It replays in my mind every time I pack and I have no need to write it down. It really is my travel essentials go to packing list.

“A few of my favorite things” Our travel essentials for any trip

My weapon of choice is American Express Platinum no fees have exchanged hands for this plug it’s simply a great product. As a traveler it offers essentials like automatic hotel room upgrades, a lounge access card, preferential exchange rates and a concierge service. If you’re a city traveler this is a total blessing, concert tickets restaurant reservations etc. done.
I can also transfer my reward points to my airline loyalty account. Virgin Atlantic for example does an instant point for point transfer.
Make sure yours does the same.
It doesn’t matter where you are music really is the best travel companion and having a light quality set of speakers is so much fun.  Who doesn’t love a hotel room disco from time to time. There are on going debates about who does them best and after many test runs my very well traveled friend Emma who travels the world for eponymous online retailer Mr. Porter (another travel life saver) got me on to this brand Jambox by Jawbone. They have Bluetooth so no need for more wires they also share the same charger as my Kindle which is great. I love the quirky design and this little thing can crank it out pretty good. FYI Colettejust released an excellent limited edition set however despite traveling 5 continents and about 20 countries mine are still in perfect condition so I have no excuse to get new ones. Damn!
Travel luxuries are essential for me. I might be on a 12 hour bus journey across Cambodia but I will be wearing Chanel lipstick. My essential do vary according to destinations but these guys are a constant especially if there are any flights or AC transport to take. Cashmere socks mmm just the words make me relax and feel all warm and fuzzy. I get mine from Broraand have done for 15 years. I’m a creature of habit. I also handwash them and I really think this makes all the difference when it comes to keeping shape and texture.

Yes it can be a pashmina or a shawl or in my case its always a cotton wrap. I pick these up everywhere I go. In Asia they are abundant and in Istanbul I was told they were a towel, which they can be of course. They have saved me so many times, arctic AC, lumpy weird pillows, blistering sunburn, dubious poolside towels, temple visits. You name it my oversize cotton scarf is the best. To pick up some handwoven 100% cotton pieces take a look at which supports small businesses and helps to preserve traditional Thai crafts. Shameless plug!

VPN account

Ok I don’t want to loose you here but this is a little nerdy so I will keep it short. When you travel you cant watch your Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Lovefilm, BBC iplayer etc out of your home country. If you travel a lot this can be annoying. Why have an account that you cant use half the time. VPN = problem solved. Virtual Private Network  hosts act like a fake. They tell the account you are at home rather than in a hotel in Buenos Aires with an hour to kill before dinner and you want to watch “House of Cards”. Voila I use which is $4.95 a month but there are many other great ones out there.

A Kindle

 I love reading but also value packing light and hate any extra avoidable weight. 2 week holidays equate to 2-3 quality books and a long weekend with a 4 hour commute to the country is at least half a good book. When I embarked on my longest journey ever planned time away 2 months, currently extended to 1 ½ years (time fly’s when your having fun!) I was

This seems so obvious but I have seen so many travelers freaking out in taxis or on planes because their phone has died and all there numbers and addresses are in there. Fumbling to type travel tips never to be found on their phone again. Trying to remember names of awesome restaurants and failing when all they had to do was buy a good oldfashioned notebook. I love a Moleskin and especially the side pocket to store receipts and business cards in.
Space saver bags & Scented dryer sheets
I used to laugh at this packing suggestion and then I tried it. Truly a travel essential! Fresh smelling clothes and twice the packing space. Done and done. These are often refered to as vacuum bags however no vacuum is required just pack then squeeze out the air. Especially helpful for ski trips and winter journeys although I overpack ALL the time so I think these are essential. Pop a dryer sheet in each one and everything smells delicious.
“A few of my favorite things” Our travel essentials for any trip

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