“Its your road and your road alone, others may walk it with you. But no one can walk it for you”


“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”


“Actually the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures.”

Lewis Carol, Alice in Wonderland”

I hope my children look back on today, And see a mother who had time to play

There will be years for cleaning and cooking, For children grow up while we’re not looking

“think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy”

Anne Frank


My name is Anna and and I’m slow traveling the world with my son Oscar Chang. We are making memories, chasing adventure, enjoying beautiful things and indulging in our time together. We hope we inspire you and make you laugh along the way.This is a site for people who love to travel and those who want to travel with kids. A guide full of tips and tricks, family friendly destination and kid friendly cities. We even tell you how we did it and we share the stories of all the people who inspire us.

I was born in the UK to a Scottish mother and a Croatian father. After only two months in the UK my parents returned to their home in Croatia in the former Yugoslavia. I grew up on a wild and isolated island in a national park on the Dalmatian coast called Silba. My love of remote places, unspoiled nature and communities rich in culture and tradition were nurtured here. My first “unaccompanied minor” trip to America (age 7) blew my mind. Solo travel felt like a luxury and I haven’t stopped since. After 15 years working in the fashion industry in London and New York I decided that my travel schedule couldn’t possibly be just my annual holiday allowance. I packed up my life and set off to Japan for a month and have never looked back. I’m now slow traveling with my son Oscar Chang born in Thailand in 2013 and we have quite a bucket list. Together we have visited Belgium, England, France, Germany, USA, Croatia, Montenegro, Sweden, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador,

I started this blog in 2013 first and foremost to inspire people to travel, now traveling as a solo mum this has become so much more important to me. I hope our adventures inspire you to travel with your kids too. We aim to take the mystery and stress out of long term travel and show you some great places along the way. Money can get you pretty far but a sense of adventure gets you EVERYWHERE!


We love to hear other travelers stories, are you a fellow solo mum traveler? Are you thinking of setting off on your first family holiday? Are you taking a bigger leap of faith and thinking about long term travel? Either way we love hearing from you and try to respond to all your comments, tips, suggestions and question.


I have been interviewing traveling mums and families for a few years now but somehow get side tracked and so wish I did this more. A great kick int action is getting in touch. We would love to share your travel adventures and inspiration. Drop us a line and lets collaborate.


We have teamed up with some amazing people at My Well Traveled Friend but we are firm believers in authentic feedback. Our reviews are thorough, we test everything ourselves and only write about what truly worked for us and what we really loved. We have built up a loyal and trusting audience who value our first hand insider information. Our readers are smart, international and of course well traveled. They are from all over the globe with the highest numbers in the USA, UK,

We love writing guides like these for Air France. We love contributing our world wide knowledge on top child friendly locations like these for one of our favorite mummy site www.romyandthebunnies.com oh and this one too www.romyandthebunnies.com. You can also read about our collaborations with Mustela suncare and GB Pocket. If you have a great product, a great location or simply want to share something that you think might interest us please do, we would love to hear from you.



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