Another great Yorkshire day out, this time we visited Beningbrough Hall. Described by the National Trust as an Italian Mansion, on a day in January it felt very much like a deserted Georgian home but in a good way.

I’ve done a really good job of not knocking the great British weather during our visit this year. I am doing this for two reasons really. Firstly it’s apparently been the mildest winter on record since time immemorial and the sun has shined an a lot of the time on our days out, just not this one sadly. Secondly because there really is no need for me to discuss the weather ever when everyone else in Yorkshire talks about it ALL the time. Again, in a good way.

Ok let’s get down to it. What do you actually do in a house like this. Well if this is your first visit to a British stately home you’re in for a surprise. Gone are the dank corridors and weird displays. Beningbrough offers a huge array of activities for kids and families. There are some beautiful gardens including a ha – ha (look it up. you learn something new every day!) ponds and great adventure playground for slightly older children. There are scooters and bikes to ride around which on a sunny day must be really fun. The gardens are enclosed so there are lots of shady and safe spots for picnics and naps.

Beningbrough Hall, Yorkshire,

The house itself was only partially open and is beautifully maintained with push chairs available for the younger visitors to tour around in. So cute! Again lots of very fun activities. We loved the dressing up for your portrait section which had lots of amusing props for me and Oscar and my 14 year old nephew who got a giggle out of it too. Our family portrait turned out pretty cool don’t you think?

Anna Su + Oscar Chang, Beningbrough Hall, Yorkshire.

The house itself has a partnership with the National Portrait gallery which means that some amazing pieces make it up to this rather small and quaint venue. We were lucky enough to see the Royal’s exhibit which felt like a private viewing as Beningbrough in January is not quite at capacity.

Beningbrough Hall, Yorkshire Part 2.

All in all a great day out even in incremental weather which is a bonus. There is a cafe as well although I really felt the prices were inflated for a family outing so picnics might be best for this one especially if you have a large or in my case very hungry brood.

For more great Yorkshire days out check out the National Railway Museum too. Link here.

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