Can you take your kids to a festival? What about one on the beaches of Costa Rica? We check out the Envision festival of yoga wellness, music and more.

I recently read a fascinating article about a family attending their first Burning Man festival and it really resounded with me ( I was a late festival developer and only started loving them in my 20’s but now that I do now I’m hooked. Why can I not continue going to them now that I have Oscar? Well there are a million reasons. Incase you haven’t noticed kids come with a whole set of challenges and its even more challenging taking him into a new environment. But you’re traveling the world I hear you say? Yes but a festival is like another universe it comes with other challenges. Food, lodging, the elements and of course other people. Most tend to be a little out of your control the elements being the biggest unknown. I was there for one of Glastonbury mud fest’s and have endured the searing heat of Coachelle and neither were pleasant. Do I want Oscar Chang to deal with that? Well of course I approached it like I do one of our trips choosing location and environment first and going from there.

Envision seemed like the perfect compromise, its emphasis on wellness was a particular draw and the fact my favorite online Yoga obsession Rachel Brathen was teaching classes was a bonus. The festival itself takes place the 26th of February – 1st March at Playa Hermosa in the village of Uvita on the beautiful Costa Rican coast. The festival is in its fifth year and gathering some amazing artists, musicians and wellness practitioners. A full line up is of course on their site which is extensive and will give you a generous dose of wanderlust at the same time. Their mission statement say’s it all for me ” an annual gathering in Costa Rica that seeks to provide a platform for different cultures to inspire one another to co-create sustainable community and practice yoga, spirituality, art, music, dance performance, education and acknowledge our fundamental connection with nature. Check it all out here. We are super excited to explore Costa Rica and experience Envision and will be sharing our family style experience with you very soon. In the mean time we would love to hear from you and your family festival experiences. How did you do it, what did you learn and most importantly would you do it again?

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