We wanted to round-up a few of our favorite European natural and organic baby products for you this week. We are product junkies after all.

As you may have noticed we spent a substantial amount of time in Europe (almost 10 months!)  and despite traveling lights its hard not to want to try out a few local products along the way. The advantage of slow travel means we do get to take our time about things so getting to know local favorites is a plus. I think every parent tries to treat their kids skin with products that are as mild and natural as possible. Organic isn’t always the best when it comes to some skin problems and not all skin is the same of course. With Oscar Chang being in a cold climate was a bit of a bummer as he has a mix of asian european skin which got dry in the central heated homes we were in. His hair is also super long and his eating habits pretty gross so hair washing was a must.

kruidvat, www.mywelltraveledfriend.com

I actually found my favorite products early on in Belgium called Kruidvat Pure Nature baby and stuck with them. We got the shampoo and oil. The line is by a Dutch drugstore of the same name and at 3 Euros a piece was a total bargain and made of 99% natural products. The body oil was excellent in baths and after them to cure those dry skin spots.  The shampoo was super light and although I tried to use it as little as possible it smelt so good it was hard to skip it most bath times. I eventually opted for an intense moisturizer as things got colder and Weleda was always a go to for me so I thought I would try it out for Oscar Chang too. The moisturizer is intense and can seem quite hard to absorb so go easy on this one. Good news is that we could share all three of these products too which is always handy when you’re traveling together!

Weleda, www.mywelltraveledfriend.com

As you can see we loved these so much it was time for a whole new product binge for our Mexico trip and just as I was about to get knee-deep in sun tan lotion research the lovely people at Mustela came to the rescue. Stay tuned on a full review of some unashamed free products just in time for those summer holidays. I will be testing them vigorously on the beaches of Central America, sorry I had to rub it in. Oh jeez a pun as well ahhhhh 🙂

Mustela, www.mywelltraveledfriend.com


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