The food markets or Mercado’s of Mexico City are as vibrant and colorful as its people. Nothing feels more like total immersion in a culture than shopping with the locals. Supermarkets in other countries are like galleries to me. You can really tell a lot about what’s going on and I can spend hours in them. From traditional Mercados such as the one in Coyoacan to the recently refurbished Mercado Roma gourmet market, you should visit as many as possible. Here is our pick of the best for all different sorts of reasons. Mainly that they are all so very different so you get a real taste of everything.


Mercado Coyoacan.

If you are visiting our previous recommendation the Frida Kahlo Casa Azul Museum then your right around the corner already. This market is perfect for a lunch snack and has a number of excellent tostada stands (we loved Tostadas Coyoancan a bright orange and yellow affair) . A tostada is a flat toasted crispy base covered in lettuce, tomato, cheese, avocado and a topping of your choice but usually, it’s chicken, beef or seafood. A kind of open taco if you will. Accompany with a large cold glass of Horchata (a rice, vanilla and cinnamon drink) and your all set for some more neighborhood exploring. The market also has a number of clothes and souvenir stores set up inside and around it.

Mercado Coyoacan.


Mercado Roma.

Not so much a traditional market but a taste of the future I guess. The market was renovated and opened as a gourmet destination in 2014 and is a great place to visit. complete with vertical garden and a great wine spot. There is still plenty of traditional fare to be had here. We loved the churros on our visit. The space is open until midnight and has a great buzzing atmosphere so this can be a good dinner venue too.

Mexico City Food Markets




Mercado Medellin.

This local market is located in Roma too but is drastically different to Mercado Roma. It’s a real flavor of all things Mexico from Piñata’s to Mezcal to just about any fruit or vegetable you can find in Latin America. We picked up some great paper decorations here as well as supplies of dried fruits and nuts for our various day trips. It’s best to visit in the mornings as fresh pastries are also available and some stands have a great cinnamon infused coffee on offer too. Don’t miss the ice-cream at Fuente de O’das too!

Mercado Medellin.

Mercado Medellin.


Mexico City Food Markets 2

You mustn’t miss this riot of color and spices. The fact all the stalls have pink awnings adds to the picaresque feel of this vibrant market. Held every Tuesday from 9AM – 4PM you can basically pick up everything here fruit, vegetables, spices etc. Make sure you go hungry as there are fantastic tamale, taco and plain old grilled meat stand for some al fresco dining. We loved the fresh coconut stand as well as the medicinal stall that made me ashamed of my poor Spanish skills. A fascinating adventure at this market. Oscar picked up a few new toys here too.


Mexico City Food Markets 3 Mexico City Food Markets 4





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