Writing a review for the GB Pockit is actually one of the easiest posts I have ever had to write. Quite honestly if you travel with kids and you’re looking for an incredible stroller this is it. Here’s why.

The main reason I don’t do 100’s of reviews on here is that I try to keep my consumer footprint light these days and quite honestly we travel with what is totally necessary as most slow traveling family’s will know, traveling light means traveling sane. Here are a few of the reasons the GB Pockit is my latest obsession and why I have replaced my McClarren Quest with it.


No joke this product weighs 4.3kg. I can carry it, my shopping, a child and make it up 4 flights of stairs without dying. I have tried this. Its possible, you can trust me, I do sometime like to shop. Sadly no photos of this exist.


If you google this stroller you will probably find its entry in The Guiness Book of world Records as it is the worlds smallest folding stroller. Yes size matters, it does when I’m doing a road trip in a rental and I don’t want to spend an extra 50$ a day for a 4 door that I only require so I can fit my stroller in the back. It also fits in train luggage racks, under subway seats and on tiny buses. People have stared at me open mouthed when they see me fold this thing up. I have a sneaking suspicion they are parents and seriously that struggle is real. No one likes to be tutted at when they get on a crowded bus.


This for me was the clincher. When your kid gets to 10kg + its no joke carrying him and a bag through passport control, customs and finding your baggage carousel and then oh wait for it, waiting an extra 20 minutes while the buggy’s and strollers are brought over. Yes I still use my Aprica baby carrier but he’s tall and long and its hard and I’m quite frankly exhausted after breathing recycled air for 8 hours. Getting of a plane and unfolding this modern marvel brought tears to my eyes. Its also worth mentioning that you have moments like the picture below. Where your super relaxed and so are your kids and they make friends and its fun and traveling is an awesome, happy wonderful experience!


One thing I learned when we lived in Thailand was that dark colors attract mosquitos. I never knew this, but if there is one place you can try and test this theory thats the island in the Gulf of Thailand. Theory is very very true. When it came to choosing a travel stroller to take with us to Central America in 2015 my options were limited. Finding a stroller that wasn’t a dark blue, or black and ok for a boy was tricky. I went with the red McClaren in the end which has a creamy interior and it was really good. Still the choices for the GB Pockit are awesome we love our Capri Blue option


I tend to be pretty tough on budget and over 200 Euros was my cut off point with a travel stroller. It took me a while to gather the courage to ask GB how much there stroller cost. I loved it so much and I wanted to tell a ton of people about it but I was scared it was way over my usual budget. The cool colors, the insane design features (They just won the iF Gold award along with BMW, Apple and Nike?!)  and the slick brand web site threw me. Anyway the answer came back and 199.95 Euros was the magic number. If I ever loose this one which full disclosure was free, I will be online immediately buying another one with my hard earned cash. Worth every penny in my book.

That’s all I got, if your looking for an awesome travel stroller this one is tried, tested and brilliant. Oh and did I mention Oscar loves to sleep in it? For all stockist information, colors, prices and probably lots more facts then I have provided take a look here GB Pockit

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