Its taken 8 months of travel, 6 months of unemployment, 4 amazing friends, 2 new notebooks and 1 indecisive wanderer to finally start my first post. Its amazing how many times you can stop yourself doing something your passionate about and all the creative excuses you dream up.

Finally after years of intense travel  and intense study of hundreds and hundreds of inspiring sites, blogs, magazines and books about travel I had a heart to heart with my  long suffering father  and here goes.
This site is about being a glamorous nomad. Traveling with passion but often little time. Its about enjoying everything in style; destinations, hotels, food and local curiosities. We hand pick  the gems and unearth the forgotten treasures. Of course its not just me I have been lucky to work with so many inspiring people during my career in the creative industry’s in London, New York, Paris and beyond and can’t wait to tap into their wealth of travel knowledge in our “Travel Insiders” section.
I look forward to hearing what you all think and can’t wait to hear more about your travel secrets and tips. As one of my favorite photographer Diane Arbus said “I can’t wait to go where I’ve never been before”. 
Bon Voyage “My Well Traveled Friend”.

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