I hope our “mums guide to NYC – my top 5 apps” helps you as much as it helped us. I had lived and worked in NYC for almost 5 years before setting off on this great adventure and this latest visit had all new challenges. Here are some of the newest Apps I used every day as well as a fantastic new website which I feel is a total game changer for travel with kids.

I started using this app in London especially when I arrive at train stations which usually have gargantuan taxi lines. I order it just as my train pulls in and just as I get curbside a nice shiny vehicle pulls up. So chic. NYC traditionally has an abundance of cabs however when you have to meet a friend, be somewhere on time or you have a million bags then no no no there is nothing. Tumbleweed. Well this is just doubly painful when you have a kid so this is where UBER comes in.
more reasons to love UBER over a yellow cab…
1. SAFER – set up a family account and automatically get a car with a car seat.
2. EARN MILES – Connect your AMEX with your Uber account and automatically earn miles. An absolute must for any savvy traveler.
3. MUSIC NERD HEAVEN – Sync your UBER account with your Spotify account and your driver will play your music during the whole trip. Yes thank you I will. The airport commute has never felt so so good.
4. CHEAPER – The 4 journeys I did with UBER from Manhattan to Brooklyn were all cheaper than a yellow cab.
5. CHILD FRIENDLY – Every driver I had was extremely helpful with both Oscar Chang meltdowns and buggy folding. I have not been so lucky with regular cabby’s sadly.


I discovered this towards the end of our visit and I’m so bummed. This app was amazing. Their web site claims you can discover “the best in NYC” and I tend to agree. We bought tickets for us and a friend to the Jeff Koons retrospective which I was warned was crazy and I would never get in. The tickets were not only heavily discounted but got us right to the front of the line. THere is so much more than just museum tickets on here. The app is all about unique and last-minute experiences Talks, Tours, Events, Attractions and more. Such an amazing resource to a totally bespoke NYC experience love it and can’t wait to use it again.

Here we enjoying art and being arty in NYC. Thanks Tourlandish.



No matter if your staying in a hotel, motel or a holiday rental (I’m coming to this) this app is essential to all New Yorkers. It’s basically a food delivery app and everyone in the city gets food delivered. So when in Rome! When you travels we have all had those moments when you just can’t face another night eating out. You don’t want to walk anymore and you don’t want to have to find another address EVER. So sit back and wait for the doorbell to ring your order awaits you. You must remember that pretty much all the great restaurants in NYC deliver so you’re not going to be missing out on a good meal either.


One Fine Stay –  OK its a site not an app you rumbled me.

This site is now NYC, LA, London and Paris wide and I absolutely love it. It really is the most family orientated site out there. With options such as child friendly, toddler friendly and toys its pure brilliance. Yes mama you don’t have to pack that extra case of toys! NYC hotels can be pricey and sometimes staying with a family in one room just isn’t convenient especially with a baby and toddler in tow having a little separating while trying to have an actual holiday is essential.


I feel like most US residents are really familiar with this site and App however the rest of us are living in blissful ignorance boo hoo. To cut a long story short its a city specific app that shares “experience” sales. This could be anything from a Lazer Quest day to hair cuts and spa days. It can also be a fantastic way to find amazing restaurant deals in giant city’s like NYC. Some really well-known eateries are on here especially in the holiday season when New Yorkers are out-of-town and business can be slower. Perfect!



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