A second installment of My Well Traveled Friend “About Last Summer” series is here. Frances Tulk Hart’s family travels make me nostalgic of those amazing NYC beach summers. I can’t wait to take Oscar Chang to some of the great spots mentioned here.

Hi Franny,

I’m guessing your are in NYC right now and getting back into work mode post fashion week. I know summer seems a million miles away but where did you go last summer and who did you go with?

We didn’t actually take a summer holiday this year rather we went on a lot of long weekends away. We went to upstate NY, Long Beach Island, Rhode Island and The Hamptons. I went with my husband Rossi and our daughter Dotti visiting friends and family and sometimes just on our own.

My Well Traveled Friend Frances Tulk Hart About Last Summer

Which was your favorite?

I love them all, they each have their own special “thing” about them but Rhode island is where my family live so that holds a special place for me.

What special things is your daughter into right now and did you get to share time doing them on holiday?

Dotti loves water so every destination we went to had us either in pools or the ocean kicking around learning to swim.

My Well Traveled Friend Frances Tulk Hart About Last Summer

What is your idea of a perfect family holiday day?

Water, beach, sun, family and friends. You can’t beat it.

We love to hear about new tips and tricks at My Well Traveled Friend. Did you discover any new toys or gadgets for yourself or Dotti? 

Nothing functional per se but I did realize you can hand just about anything to a toddler and they will make it into something fun to play with. For 5 seconds anyway!

Would you share one secret discovery from your favorite summer holiday destination that makes it special for kids?

There is a beach in Rhode Island called Mackerel Cove that is small, pretty and reminds me of Ireland. Its perfect for children with a sandbank keeping the water calm and lots of places for little people to stand.

My Well Traveled Friend Frances Tulk Hart About Last Summer

Now that your trips are over, would you change anything or do it differently. Travel method? Length of time 🙂 Destination?

I would like the whole 3 months of summer to be by the beach, running in fields and meadows and being bare foot. Summer shouldn’t be spent in a concrete jungles it just feels so wrong. I got 9 months to figure out how to make that our reality for the summer of 2016.

Well good luck, I couldn’t agree with you more but you already know that 🙂

Where to next?

One of my best buddies just emailed me to tell me she’s getting married in Argentina in November so I think that will be our next stop.

Thanks Franny, I’m never going to be as good as you at this interview game so I appreciate your patience! Franny curates, photographs and interviews some amazing, smart and talented individuals on her own site www.5minuteswithfranny.com She lives in NYC with her husband Rossi and daughter Dotti age 2. Franny is also one of my new favorite illustrators and can’t wait to commission her for a portrait of me and Oscar Chang!

My Well Traveled Friend Frances Tulk Hart About Last Summer



My Well Traveled Friend – Francis Tulk Hart – About last summer



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