If the thought of The National Railway Museum in York conjures up images of delays and inflated ticket prices then you’re in for a pleasant surprise. This really is a fantastic indoor activity for kids and adults for that matter!

When it gets to this time of year, you really feel like you have exhausted all your winter activities arsenal. Even if you’re not in the North, York is such an amazing place for a weekend away kids or no kids (more about that later I promise) and this is just one of the many fantastic places to visit. We have been using the area as a base for our European adventures and have been really really busy exploring all it has to offer. A previous fun day out at Piglets Park was also a highlight.

The museum itself is a 10 minute walk from the city centre but also has a large allocated car park. We opted for a rather scenic walk through the museum gardens and over a foot bridge with a charming homage to the love locks on the Pont des Arts in Paris. This route wasn’t really buggy friendly as there are a few steps although we managed. No thanks to the Royal Mail staff who walked past several times never offering to help but hey ho.

The National Railway Museum, www.mywelltraveledfriend.com Here is what I was expecting. A giant freezing room with a bunch of trains. Well you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Firstly this is a donations based attraction which makes it pretty economical if you have a large family. Secondly there is enough to keep kids occupied for several hours. The space is giant is isn’t as cold as I was anticipating. There are interactive exhibits as well as demonstrations and a small play area for younger children with giant Lego and play tables etc. Thirdly this isn’t a kids only day out, there is plenty here to keep even the less than enthusiastic train traveler interested. It was surprised to see the Japanese bullet train or Shinkansen that took me from Tokyo to Kyoto in here which was pretty cool.

Nationa Railway Museum, www.mywelltraveledfriend.com

All in all this is a great attraction and well worth a visit. I am a train nerd and although I don’t get all the technical stuff I just love the whimsy and scenic aspect of train travel. My grandfather, Oscars long deceased great grandfather was a locomotive driver in 60’s Yugoslavia so there was a definite nostalgia to this visit too. One of my top 5 Yorkshire spots so far and an indoor activity to boot.

Nationa Railway Museum, www.mywelltraveledfriend.com


The National Railway Museum York, www.mywelltraveledfriend.com



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