You know how I love a good travel gadget. Well of course a new year means new travel accessorize and its 2015 so I’m ready to role.

I am very ambitiously making the next leg of our world adventure to Central America “carry on only”. It’s not me you see, its him. Just kidding. There is no way I can blame my 14 month old son for his love of beauty products and extensive selection colorful footwear. It is me. I will be heavily editing for the next continent. We have done a few features on our essentials. Our first makes me laugh at how basic it is but whats more amazing is that ALL of those things are still in the suitcase two years late. A solid case of great packing! I may do a later post to reveal my complete packing list should I actually succeed in my mission that is, for now you will have to be satisfied with my list of additional products for 2015.

Travel Accessories 2015

A Jackery Giant Premium portable charger. Yes I know you can get the wrist version the key chain version the ball and chain version etc etc. Well I have gone for the Premium version. I received it last week and it’s not the lightest piece of equipment I have but it really does what it says on the box. My iPad and iPhone get 3 full charges before this thing bites the dust. The best part is that you’re not tethered to the mains when your running these charges so no more waiting around in your hotel room at lunch time while your totally useless iPhone takes its sweet ass time getting those bars back up to green. I’m thrilled. Lets see how long it lasts. I will take to my twitter with updates.

The little man has a new toy too. Some fabulous and hopefully indestructible headphones some MarBlue Headfoams. My noise canceling Bose dream phones were sadly overlooked by Santa this year but I have faith. I have read great things about these from parents with less than delicate children and Oscar Chang is as mighty as his name suggests. The fact they are safe and look super cool is an added bonus too. They are a little pricier than some other options out there but I’m confident they will withstand some rough and tumble. I will keep you posted.

A high chair. Yes I am packing a high chair. This is my absolute favorite trapping of western consumerism bought by our ever resourceful grandma at JoJo Maman Bebe. This I need. We have been testing this bad boy out for about 2 months now and its made both trips to Paris and London a much more fun experience for both of us. I am yet to find a chair that it doesn’t fit although I do sometimes need to use a cushion as a booster. Great product.

Mummy needs some travel essentials too don’t you know. Part of traveling light is giving up some luxuries and non essentials. Well this is hard to do. Unless, you do like me and combine three products in one. A body oil, a hair smoother and a perfume. Ever since I lost (yes yes I left it!) my jasmine scented body oil at a hotel in Bangkok I have found it hard to replace. Finally a light oil which is also wonderfully scented and great for smoothing down my curls too.

I have been waiting to write this line for a while. Can you tell? I like big books and I will not lie. There I said it. I have a kindle and I love it and I get that traveling with a tower of books is reserved for two-week holidays only but I just can’t resist a good guidebook. I’m not the most loyal reader though and flip-flop between Lonely Planet. The Rough Guide, Dorlin Kindersley, Wallpaper City Guide and many others. What is your favorite? I would love to know. I’m always so intrigued as to what draws a traveler to a guide-book. This time it was the publication date for me. Mexico City our next destination is going through such significant changes that I really felt I needed the latest and greatest version.

Right and now I must pack. More on this later.

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