As its Friday and we have had a hell of a week back we have decided to share some exciting news and end our week on a high. We wrote our first guest post!! and not only that we got to write it for one of our favorite mummy and me site Romy and the Bunnies. If you don’t already know it don’t worry this is your chance to spend some time getting to know this beautifully presented site. So many great and magical features. Check out the latest Backstage at the Nutcracker shot by the inspiring photographer Skye Parrot who’s daughter Oona‘s Instagram appearances make us smile every time. Or the mouth-watering interview with food write Mimi Thorisson and her enviable French life which you can read more about on Mange. She has seven children. Can you even imagine?

Anyway the amazing news is that we are on the site too now and sharing our adventures in the form of “One Stop Shop” It’s pretty self-explanatory it’s our one single favorite place to indulge in and shop in city’s across the world. We started with Liberty of London of course. London was where it all began for me, before New York and Thailand and all the rest of this wonderful world we are exploring and every time we visit London this is always where we end up. It’s just got everything. The perfect ONE STOP SHOP. Check it out and share it and love it and visit and all that good stuff. BON WEEKEND my well traveled friends. I hope next week isn’t a doozy like this one was! guest of One Stop Shop feature on the beautiful Liberty of London

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