Our 3rd Secret Croatia spot is the beautifully tranquil and unspoiled island of Lopud.

The main thing that the Secret Croatian island of Lopud has to offer is extremely family friendly surroundings and beaches. As soon as you step off the boat you feel like time is standing still. There are no cars on the island and life takes on a whole new pace. Your day will mainly rotate around a busy schedule of beach, nap, eat and repeat, just make sure you don’t just stay a day!


Lopud is part of the Eliphiti Islands which lie to the North West of the city of Dubrovnik in Croatia.

Dubrovnik has a large and extremely well connected airport and lots has been written about this beautiful city so I wont bore you with the details. An excellent source on all things Croatia are Sarah Jane and Mate over at Chasing The Donkey check them out. Our absolute must do tip was the Dubrovnik cable car. Its not the cheapest attraction but the view really is breathtaking and the food in the restaurant is well worth the journey. If you’re feeling a little “mad max” then there is always the off road buggy rental at the back of the cable car building too.

Oops sorry got sidetracked. The island is easily reached by boat from the port of Gruz in Dubrovnik. Gruz is often overlooked by tourists who prefer to stay in the old town of Dubrovnik but if you want to save money and be comfortable and sleep in peace then Gruz is a great alternative. Its also the main port serving a lot of the local islands the home of the local bus station so its very convenient. You can also of course take a bus into the old town which takes about 10 minutes. Restaurants here are cheap and the local market full of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The boat to the islands is small and if you want to stay outdoors make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen and a hat that wont blow away.


Once you arrive you will be directly in the village of Lopud. Everything you need is right here. Of course this being an island basics can be a little more expensive then on the mainland so be a little prepared. I would advise brining Pampers and wipes for instance.


The biggest attraction for day trippers is a beach called Sunj (pronounced shoon, the n is pronounced like the second n in the Spanish work nino, ugh keyboard fail, no squigly thingy)   and for very good reason. The beach is located on the opposite side of the island from Lopud village and is a 20 minute up and downhill walk. I love the sound of the crickets and peaking over peoples walls checking out the giant tomatoes and grape vines but if you aren’t into the walk handy little gold carts run tourists over to the beach during the summer months from around the centre of the bay. Once on the other side there is a great restaurant with food and drink and of course the incredible sandy bay of Sunj. The bay has knee deep water which is great for ball games and younger children and umbrellas and loungers are also available to hire. Sadly I have no pictures of this lovely place as the 4S died an untimely death on this trip. Check it out here though…


This really is a Secret Croatian gem. Down a winding little red earth path and hideen amongst the swinging cyprus trees’s Lopud is home to the magical David Adjaye’s pavilion which houses Olafur Eliassons instalation “Your black horizon” I dont want to ruin the secret but here are a few exterior shots of the pavilion and the beautiful surrounding grounds. Oscar loved exploring and the view of the ocean was very tranquil and meditative. I sort of wish we had brought a picnic and spent a bit longer just sitting here and absorbing the atmosphere.


Lopud has a variety of accommodation from the all bells and whistles Lafodia Hotel with its anonymous and frankly ugly facade to beautiful old renovated homes and smaller guesthouses. My secret Croatia Lopud top tip is the family run and 5 star Trip advisor rated Villa Birimisa and Villa Tete Mare. These 19 century holiday homes have been lovingly restored by the Bogdanovic family who have a wealth of local knowledge and of course tons of warm and welcoming Dalmatian hospitality. Added bonus is that the family will equip your apartment with high chairs, toys and cots if you need them too.

The island has plenty more to offer with  lots of paths and walks to explore along with over 30 hidden and disused churches so there is plenty of other things to discover. There a kayak and snorkel rental spots and ice cream and wine to consume. All in all the quiet and laid back island of Lopud is definitely one of our top 5 secret Croatia spots. If you have visited and have any tips to share please mail us or send a message below we would love to hear from you!

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