Im trying to be more prompt with my posts (fail!) especially as some of us have left holiday planning to the last minute and I hope I can inspire some alternative choices.
A city break is in my eyes a very alternative family summer break option, until Montpellier that is. What no beach? Next….

Summer in Montpellier France

I have to be honest I’m new to the “family” holiday scene so this took some mental adjustment and I feel like in this day and age I’m not the only one. The last time most of us went “on holiday” with our parents or family for that matter was probably Christmas. Well no that doesn’t count its a “holiday” sure but you haven’t really gone anywhere when your staying in your old room which has been re done into a sewing room or study or whatever. Neither does watching National Lampoons holiday escapades PS. A family holiday is about everyone having a good time and enjoying each others company, the location and taking away a few memorable moments. Impossible I hear you say, yep. But we tried and we did a pretty good job and Montpellier was honestly giving it to us in bucketloads!

I knew very little about this city and what a hidden gem it turned out to be. Montpellier was once the home of Nostradamus and houses the oldest botanical garden in Europe founded in 1593 (you can kind of tell some TLC wouldn’t go amiss) as well as the oldest University founded in 1160 giving Montpellier its vibrant and creative atmosphere. On a more modern tip the city is graced by both a Zaha Hadid and Jean Nouvel designed building so for all your architecture buffs woop woop.
Anyway lets get to it. Accommodation in Montpellier seemed pretty dull, hotels bla so I decided to take the plunge and pop my airbnb cherry. More about that on “airbnb and how to nail it” post.
We stayed in the city centre which I highly recommend if you only have a short amount of time as there is so much to do.
As this was a family holiday and democracy is my middle name im going to let the family do the talking this time. What did they enjoy most? What were the highlights of Montpellier for them and what do they recommend you go and see. Taking a back seat, unusual I know!

Summer in Montpellier France – Oscar Chang Age 9 months, Country’s Visited 5,

What was the most exciting part of your holiday?

“I learnt how to walk in the one of the many parks of Montpellier. It helped that my niece cheered me on tirelessly. Thanks Lucy!”

Why was this so different from any other holiday experience you have ever had?

“I guess everyone is going to talk about it for the rest of my life. I also had barbeque for the first time. I will never look back.”

Summer in Montpellier France – Moreen Dorothy Suznjevic Age 76 Countries Visited “goodness I’m not sure I will start writing them down tonight”

You have been on a bejillion holiday with kids, family and offspring what made Montpellier any different? Oh and don’t say the wine festival we know you enjoyed that!

“The close proximity of all the lovely bakeries and markets was a real bonus in the heat. You didnt have to wander for long before you came across another great place. The public transport was also excellent with a very regular and comfortable tram and bus service to the outlying areas.”

What would you recommend to other “ladies of leisure” such as yourself to do in Montpellier?

“Go to the wine festival! It really was excellent.”

Summer in Montpellier France Emma Jane Carter Age 49 Countries Visited 12

You had to play piggy in the middle on this family holiday with both your mum and daughter to please. What did you feel Montpellier had to offer you and you only?

“The opportunity to investigate the town by myself, on foot and not worrying that I might get lost. Montpelier is very easy to navigate with lots to discover.”

Picture courtesy of Lucy Carter
Summer in Montpellier France – Lucy Jane Carter Age 17 Countries Visited 7

What was the most unexpected part of your  “city break” family holiday?

“The beach being so close was deffinitely the best part.”

What was your favorite find in Montpellier?

“Favorite find was a shop selling handmade products from Madagascar.”

What were you most surprised that you enjoyed on the holiday?

“The food! I wasnt expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. Highlights being the burgers at King Gorges.”

Of course Lucy took it so one of us is missing. Rubbish I know.
Visit the beach club at Carre Mer
Take a tour to a local vineyard
Go to Montpellier’s Hammam
Walk down Rue de la Carbonnerie and find the most magical vintage toyshop
Spend at least an hour getting lost
Summer in Montpellier France.

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