It’s 9:30pm and the first time I am able to use two arms to do anything. See times have really changed over here and a new addition to my life in the form of my son Oscar Chang. Born a mere 3 weeks late this curious fella is adding a new dimension to travel as I know it. 

 Here he is blending in effortlessly with the opulent delights of one ofThailand’s top resorts at Santhiya, Koh Phangan. Oscars heady genetic mix will I’m convinced make him a travel natural. Oscar is a Scottish, Croatian, Thai. 

The opening leg of our new adventure is starting with his first passport and we have chosen British for my baptism by first baby passport hell. 


We are setting of from our island heaven next week to apply for a British passport abroad at the consulate in Bangkok, Thailand where we are currently living. Wish us luck. It only took them 2 weeks to reply to our appointment query so that’s good right?
Oscar awaits with bated breath for the outcome of his application. 
One more for good luck. One of our first boat trips to Koh Samui. Oscars was about 8 weeks old. A natural! 

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