New year, new plans and of course new adventures. Here is our round-up of the most family friendly European cities and the reasons we loved them.

I find the first few months of the year so challenging and of course travel truly invigorates me. In my list today we uncover some spectacular places that you perhaps might not have thought of visiting. We have spent six months exploring Europe and because we slow travel we get a real sense of a place and more importantly uncover some truly unique local haunts too. Saying that we found these destinations so fun and manageable a weekend away at any of these spots works too.


Family friendly city breaks, Zagreb, Croatia.

You can read more about this wonderful city in our Zagreb Croatia post of course but here are out top 5 reasons to visit this year.

1. The museum of broken relationships. Totally unique and totally amazing.

2. The food scene. For such a tiny city we were bowled over by the selection of amazing eateries, from fine dining to curb side kiosks.

3. The trams. There is something so romantic and calming about traveling by tram. The view is awesome too.

4. A totally walkable city. Such an alien concept these days of sprawling metropolises. We found it so refreshing to be able to walk everywhere with our stroller.

5. The accommodation. The choice was so fantastic we sometimes just didn’t want to leave our bolt holes.


Family friendly European City's , Gothenburg, Sweden.

I almost forgot about this awesome city we visited early in 2014. We officially had the best weather ever on this trip. I actually started to love some of the photos we took so much I printed them for the first time ever.

1. Its not as expensive as everyone told us. This was such a pleasant surprise as we were just at the start of our trip and unsure of the real costs. Read our post for more tips on keeping to a budget.

2. The outdoor spaces of Gothenburg are breathtaking. From the harbor parks to the hill-top petting zoo’s to the rose gardens. Truly a city wearing its green credentials and they are all FREE!

3. The Alfons Alberg museum. Still our favorite children’s museum in Europe. I challenge you to match it for creativity, value and all around cuteness.

4. One word Skagen. Everything about this was awesome. Go eat, taste it then eat it every day. Cant find it anywhere else. Gutted.

5. The people. We love Swedish people they are awesome, irreverent and adventurous.


Family friendly European cities, Montpellier, France.

Didn’t have a clue about this city. This was truly a role of the budget flight roulette wheel. Bingo.

1. The stone. Never have I loved stone as much as I did in this city. A magical, soft and delicate beauty reflecting light in such an amazing way. Like the best scrim you have ever used.

2. Two words here. Wine country. Every mother understands me here. You can push your kid in a pram, at night. at a wine, festival clutching a generously poured glass of deep red and not one eyebrow is raised. A sign of a civilized nation. Viva La France.

3. The beach. Who knew it was so close and so pretty and so quiet?

4. Again a totally pedestrian friendly city. Like most French cities you are playing dog poop dodges though.

5. Wine country. Have I made my point yet?


We have probably spent the most time here as its close to our families. We haven’t even told you about it yet. We will. Stay tuned.

1. The stunning cathedral. I know it’s an obvious choice but really it is just breathtaking.

2. It’s truly under an hour from London. How could you not?

3. The most original museums in the country. Vikings, trains and farm animals. Winning combo for any family friendly city break.

4. The shopping in fantastic. From independent boutiques, street markets to vintage finds. A great and best of all original choice.

5. You can get a fine cup of Yorkshire tea. Everywhere!





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