I was finally inspired to write this piece after reading my favourite mum and kiddie blog Romy and the Bunnies. which features many busy busy mums who juggle international travel and kids.
As you can see I travel a lot too and of course my travel schedule, transportation choices and packing lists were going to change with Oscar Chang on board. Or were they?
Plenty of books give you advice on the topic and a lots of parenting sites list the usual tips like pack a change of clothes etc. but this is mine and what works for me and Oscar. Of course as with children this list will change dramatically very soon.
Before Oscar was born I had made a drastic life choice to abandon the trappings of a stressful career lead life and follow my heart and soul instead. Easier said then done with 15 years of a fashionable lifestyle behind me.
I like my thread count high, my Crème De La Mer body lotion, my Chanel (clothes not just the make up!) and have often been genuinely pissed off when Isabel Marant does not have the must have $400 linen pants in my size (don’t worry I found them at Bergdorfs instead).
Now how would I possible live without my Bugaboo and Bonpoint and live a simple uncluttered baby life.
I am still trying to strike a balance with this modern day conundrum however my packing list with a now 6 month old is DOWN!1. Wet wipes
I only take a small travel size packet of wet wipes. My absolute favourite is Pigeon camomile and rosehip a Japanese brand easy to pick up in most Asian countries. Try them next time your here 🙂
My point being that every country has some new and amazing baby products to try, isn’t half the fun of travel discovering new things? Why lug giant bags of wet wipes?

2. A changing mat.
Depending on where I’m going I tend to pack a few disposable ones in my hand luggage and a better quality one for my destination in my suitcase. My absolute favorite and go to for most baby linens is Aden and Anais.

3. Pack a fresh pair of clothes.
The most comfortable clothes he owns. The easiest clothes to change a nappy in. No layers, no taking off of tops, no annoying straps no weird buttons.

4.Keep it to 3 toys.
One of my toys always has to double up as a teething toy. My absolute favourite is a Belgium brand called Liliputiens they are small and packed full of sound and texture which is something Oscar Chang has enjoyed for a few months now. I also love a soft crinkly book as they are something you can both enjoy on a longer journey. My third is a wrist animal these are excellent for travel as you can’t lose them and they are so so cute to boot.
It’s amazing how so many everyday things are much more entertaining for children too. Use your imagination and engage with them. Make travel an adventure!

                  The brilliant Liliputiens                   Oscar and  crinkle book Thanks aunty Sophie!

5. A sippy cup
As we all know planes and trains can dehydrate you in a matter of hours and this apply’s to kids too. Keep them well hydrated with water throughout the trip even if you are nursing them. This might mean a few extra changes but you will avoid dry itchy skin, diaper rashes and keep your baby occupied, its amazing how entertaining a cup can be! I love the Tommee Tippee Explora its non spill and a little sticky for slippy surfaces and clumsy hands. Oscar Chang also loves it when we put a few pebbles in there at the beach and shake it around so it doubles up as an emergency toy too.

6. A baby career
These are essential when you travel with young kids, travel is stressful and being right up close to mum is the best. It frees up your hands, it keeps them warm, they can sleep in it, you can feed them in it (with a little practice!) just essential. I travel with mine in the bottom of the pram so I can get it out as soon as the pram goes into the hold or train luggage rack or back of the boat or whatever your adventure entails. Choose whatever suits your lifestyle best, Ergo, Chico or in my case a Aprica which we used from birth!

7. Baby blanket
I bought a triple pack of bamboo baby swaddles from Aden and Anais before Oscar was born. His first travel experience was the boat trip home from the hospital and we swaddled him in one of these and have used them on every journey after that. They are so perfect for the warm climates and double up as sun shades, changing mats, play blankets, swaddling and even a mummy head rest. Buying a good quality baby blanket or swaddling in a natural easy wash fabric is really money well spent.
 Oscar Chang Day 1
This really is all I travel with, granted i exclusively breastfeed Oscar, so this challenge is yet to come. I also really try to embrace the new “baby culture” of each destination which means I learn something new every time too. Bon Voyage and please send in any tips and essentials I would love to hear from you.



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